People have asked us the question: "Why pay for programming for IPTV, Internet TV when the internet is free?"
Here is our answer:
1. We pay for specialized network that enables us to upload the programming to be viewed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2. The Master's Network is located in a building run by electricity, which we pay for.
3. The Master's Network is on business band specialized band of internet, which we also pay for and is more costly to run.
4. It is necessary for a specialized internet in order for our signal to be broadcast worldwide, which it is.
As a result of the programming so far the Master's Network has personally impacted lives of people in Seoul, S Korea and in Pakistan. 
We prayed for people in these countries and received testimonies of their healing.
TMN's Outreach Ministry is supporting     Mark Henry of Pakistan to receive funding to give MP3 Players loaded with the New Testament so that he could give them out to his fellow countrymen.

Click on the Audio Bible photo to see Mark's distribution pictures from 2015 & 2016>>>>

He has told us that Pakistani people are illiterate and so the Bible is put on audio on the MP3 players so they can hear the Word of God. Faith comes by Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God.  Seeing these photos shows Mark's Love for his nations people to HEAR about CHRIST!  and to receive HOPE, where there's very little HOPE.

100% of the Love Offerings for this project are sent directly to Mark Henry, if you'd like to contact Mark Henry direct, please do so on his Facebook page.

It takes time and money to spread the Gospel. It is never free.

TMN's desire is to distribute the WORD in every fashion, so it can produce God results in peoples lives...saved, healed and set free.

It is our vision to see the Master's Network impacting the lives of billions of people worldwide. Distributing your programming on our TMN TV Station is enabling more Word to go out 24/7/365   8760 hours per YEAR!
Please pray about being a part of this programming today.
Call 417-593-1052

​​​ The 1st 24 Hour

Internet Gospel Network!

Established April 2012

Think like this...

it's a Gospel TV Station,

Exclusively on the

Internet 24/7/365

  • Nothing to purchase
  • No Memberships
  • No Sign in
  • No Passwords
  • just click & watch!

The Masters Network
Enabling 24,901 miles of the Gospel...a GLOBAL Perspective!

7.2 Billion (appx.) People alive on Earth...
Most of them are searching to find the truth...God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! 
       Our desire is to Enable the Word of God to reach the ends of the Earth through the Internet.  Statistics are saying...
Presently there are over 7 Billion people alive on the planet Earth, and at the end of 2000 there were apprx 400 million internet users, currently approaching 3 Billion users!  That is almost a 600% increase over 12+years.  
Want to help reach Billions of Souls?
Please take the time to view the vital information and I encourage you to take the time to Pray about supporting the ministries that are shown on TMN by contacting their offices.

The Masters Network will provide anyone who has an Internet connection the ability to enjoy viewing the Gospel at their own personal convenience,  24 hours a day,  365 days a year.

8,760 hours per Year of Teaching-Preaching-Interviews-Singing
Via the power of the Internet. 
Our goal is to reach Billions of Souls
◆ Internet TV Stream 24 Hours a Day
◆ Internet Radio Stream 24 Hours a Day
◆ 30 minute ad 60 minute programs
◆ Global Footprint vs. Local Footprint
◆ Eliminate the extreme high costs of Television Air time
◆ TMN operates on Private Funding at this time
◆ Enabling all calibers of Men and Women of God to deliver      their personal Word from God, as they never thought possible.

No Donation is required

If you have a Favorite Ministry that you'd like to Sponsor, this is a Great opportunity for you to be a Blessing to them.

Call me @ 417-593-1052 

I ask you to share this information with all your family and friends on every social media outlet, to spread this Opportunity of delivering the Gospel on a Global Perspective like a wild fire! 
Share this channel and become a Divine Partaker of the Souls that come into the Kingdom of God through the ability to access TMN Globally 24 hours a day! 
Let's  this Network into all the ends of the Earth!
I believe that if ...every joint supplies...we will see 
unfathomable God results, Anointed results with no limits!

 If you desire to donate to assist with the following please call us. We assure you that every Donation will go directly to the Operations of this Network. 
◆ Equipment
◆ Monthly Hard Costs
◆ Operating Budgets

There is so much more that I could expound upon, because there are no limits to the ever expanding thoughts that Father God keeps sharing with me, it just keeps going!

Donations can be made thru 
PayPal account
Visa, Mastercard Credit or Debit Cards accepted by
Calling our Office at 417-337-5901 Cell 417-593-1052
Money Orders/Checks Payabe to *Servant's Heart Ministries
Mail to  TMN TV

            C/O Doug Beacom
            127 Travis Trail Drive Branson, MO. 65616
*The Masters Network is a subsidiary of Servant's Heart Ministries

**Founding Ministry name SERVANT'S HEART MINISTRIES

* ** Doug & Renee' Beacom have Founded the following:



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THE MASTERS NETWORK            Est. 2012




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Enabling 24,901 miles of the Gospel...a GLOBAL Perspective!

TMN Founder Doug Beacom