Enabling 24,901 miles of the Gospel...a GLOBAL Perspective!

Since 1994, we have been Blessed to Film & Work directly with the following Ministries:


  • Roberts Liardon
  • Rodney Howard Browne
  • Tim Storey
  • Morris Cerullo
  • Billy Joe & Sharon Daugherty
  • Mark Brazee
  • Gabriel Haymens
  • Happy Caldwell
  • Mike Francen
  • Tommy Tenney
  • John  Bevere
  • Dr. Mike Murdock
  • Freddy Hayler
  • The Bilderbacks from NW Arkansas
  • Rory with GODTV
  • Shelli Baker
  • Warren Hunter
  • God of Fire Ministries
  • Strong in the Lord Ministries Dr. Mike Brown
  • Chris Jackson Ministries
  • Mark Martin Angel Food Ministries
  • Happy Days Ministries Ron Perry
  • Spirit of America Hour (tv show) Randy Baar
  • First Baptist Church Pastor Jay Scribner
  • and more.....


The From the Desk of Gene Steiner;

Masters Network is a tremendous opportunity for ministries with a digitally-mastered TV program or recorded video sermon to have their messages shown on the world wide web (www) and be able to be viewed globally. You can't put a price tag on having such an opportunity to share the Gospel message to those who desire to be discipled and become stronger Christians.
Doug Beacom has answered the Lord's call, made the investment in the equipment and manpower to bring this network into being for the glory of God! 
Now I urge churches, ministries, and you to support it...with your prayers, your programming, and your financial support!

I am thrilled to be able to recommend The Masters Network, a Christian IPTV channel that is the fulfillment

of a vision of its founder and president, Doug Beacom, of Branson, Missouri.

Doug has been serving ministries as an Executive TV production manager, producer, and director for many years and

has a wealth of knowledge and experience. With his steadfastness to his vision, through prayer,

determination, and the supernatural favor of God The Masters Network has become a reality! Hallelujah!

Through this network churches and ministries are able to expand their reach to global proportions!

As a minister of the Gospel as well, Doug Beacom shares with boldness on his program series

"Only Believe" the message of salvation; and through this network connects others with a similar vision to reach

Billions globally for Christ using the medium of video over the Internet.

Doug and I have been business associates in media ministry and good friends, as well, for two decades.

Doug’s character is

beyond reproach with a commitment to honesty and holiness. I have worked with and for many Christian

organizations over

the years, and I would rank Doug among those of the highest integrity I have ever known.

He and The Masters Network are a real blessing to the Body of Christ.

Gene Steiner
Founder and President
Creative Media Agency
Addison, Texas

God Of Fire Ministries Int. Inc

In regards concerning Doug Beacom

Doug has the unique characteristic of being very skilled, creatively innovative and at the same time walking

a "Holy Spirit" led life of godly integrity.

He has labored in the field of film, cd’s, dvd’s, etc. with ministries such as Morris Cerullo, Tim Storey and

Sword Ministries to

name a few. Also Beacom has done this work in the secular business realm as well.

We have known Doug Beacom for appx 15 years and highly recommend him to anyone in need of film,

cd and dvd production work.

T. Close

Apostle/Prophet to the Artist




First Baptist Church

To: Ministry Personnel

From: Dr. Jay Scribner

Re: Doug Beacom

This is to commend Doug Beacom to you for your consideration as a consultant for your media technology.

I have known Doug

for several years. I have used him upon two or three different occasions here in our church to help us with

some media projects.

Doug is a very fine man of God. He is committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He is honest in his dealings.

He represents the Lord, himself and his company well with integrity. He is responsive to authority and

conscientious in his ministry endeavors.

Doug is well versed in a variety of formats and is very capable of producing whatever your particular ministry

project may require. His finished product will be very professional.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact me. I hardily commend Doug to you for your prayerful consideration.

Sincerely in Christ,

Jay Scribner




 Gene Steiner

Creative Media, LLC

To Whom It May concern:

This is to recommend Doug Beacom for any media related position for which he may be qualified.

Doug has been serving

as a television producer / director and production manager for many years and has a wealth of knowledge

and experience.  His specialty has obviously been in video/DVD, but his background has given him a lot of

depth as a minister of the Gospel as well.

This gives Doug a broad perspective and additional value to any organization he works with.

Doug has good work skills and is committed to whatever organization he is a part of. He is organized

and goal-oriented, but also cares about the people that work for him.

He is current on digital technology and systems, but is also proficient with live

multiple-switched NTSC systems, since he has been in the industry for many years.

When I heard that Doug was looking for additional opportunities to be of service, I immediately volunteered

to write a recommendation. Doug and I have been business associates and good friends, as well, for many years.

Doug’s character is beyond reproach with a commitment to integrity and honesty. I have worked with and for many organizations over the years, and I would rank Doug in the

top 10% of employees I have known. He is a blessing to the Body of Christ; a good organization needs to snatch

him up for thebenefit he will be to the ministry of the Gospel.

Feel free to call me if I can be of further assistance to help in getting Doug teamed up with a good organization

for either full-time or project work.


Gene Steiner

Founder and President




Western Taney County Fire Protection District4

To Whom It May Concern,

Western Taney County Fire Protection District purchased digital editing equipment from Doug for the purpose of

creating our

own training DVD's and Videos.  From the day Doug delivered the equipment until we were comfortable using this equipment,

Doug was always willing and prompt in assisting us with questions, training and service.  Doug always offered a very

professional attitude and presented himself in a professional manner. Through the course of our business, we created

a strong friendship and bond to Doug. I appreciate very much his assistance and believe our department wouldn't

be where we are at now if it hadn't been for Doug and his endless assistance.


Dana Aumiller

Assistant Chief/Training



To Whom It May Concern:

From: Kay Holliday, Kanakuk Kamps, Inc.,

Kamp Ambassador

It is with great pleasure to refer this Godly man to you for this project. Doug is a man of integrity. He is efficient,

competent, diligent to the task at hand, enthusiastic and has a servant's heart.

Over the past few years, Doug has produced our staff videos and promotional Kamper videos.

He also has experience in training others to use the video and audio equipment we use.

Doug is always available when his help is needed. He truly does go beyond

the call of duty. He's always finding ways to encourage those around him.

You will be pleased with his quality of work.


Kay Holliday


Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Doug Beacom

To Whom It May Concern:

Last year, as the Media Director at James River Assembly in Ozark, I had the opportunity to work with Doug

through Digital Video

Sales & Service (DVSS). Doug was always very helpful, professional and conscientious. His skill and knowledge

with the

Macro Systems line of non-linear editing computers and DVD production, puts him in the top of his field.

Doug provided a great demo of how we could burn ‘live’ DVDs of our worship services thus solving our

duplication problems and keeping the digital quality we wanted. I and the staff were impressed with his

knowledge of this technology and his ability to teach it in layman’s terms.

I firmly recommend Doug for any opportunities in this line of video and computer technologies.


Greg Sexton



Randy & Gail Barr Founder & Hosts ~Branson, MO 65616

From: Randy Baar (The Founder of "The Spirit Of America Hour)

To: Whom it may concern

My wife Gail and I have a Christian TV talk / variety hour weekly series that airs on local cable access TV stations

across the United States. We moved part of our operation from the Twin Cities area to Branson in 2002.

We were in need of some camera

and editing work, and we did not have the funds to pay very large service fees.

I met Doug Beacom at some event where he was doing some filming and he was very friendly and was immediately interested in

helping us when I told him what "The Spirit Of America Hour" was all about. Doug began doing video work,

DVD and video mastering, editing and distribution of the DVD’s. He also did some camera work for us.

Doug is very energetic and has a can do attitude. I became ill and we lost track of Doug and his wife Renee for a while.

Then a miracle happened and we were able to get free editing and filming from a source for a while.

I am happy to see that Doug has the chance to

use his talents for the Kingdom. If he has time we plan to use him for some things in the future.

I was especially impressed with Doug’s promptness to be where I needed him and when I needed him,

professional dress and worshipful spirit during services, his very fair introductory pricing knowing

that we needed the stage our ministry was in.

I believe that Doug Beacom is a very capable film and editing technician. He seems to be more up on DVD’s

than others in his field, and would be a valid asset to any ministry.

God Bless

Randy Baar




To Whom It May Concern,

We have recently secured services of Brother Doug for a week of camera work and taping of the Tabernacle


Doug was responsible for video work, DVD and Video Mastering, editing and duplication of DVD's.  Since then

we have developed a strong friendship along with a bond to business and ministry.

I was especially pleased with Doug because of:

Promptness in being where I needed him when I needed him.

Professionalism in dress, attitude and worshipful spirit during services.

Ease to work with not only for myself but with the sound men and church staff.

Very fair introductory pricing of services.

Cramming his schedule to get the products finished that were ordered on time.

Feel free to call if I can be of assistance.


Kris Jackson



Aloha Ministries

Because God is Aloha!

To Whom This May Concern,

In preparation of the upcoming 2004 season in Branson, we worked closely with Brother Doug of DVSS4U.com

Productions to produce new promotional videos for our media and press kits.  We are very pleased  with the results. 

Doug's work and products are high quality, professional and reflects his ability to effectively work within the

parameters we specified, yet allows his extensive knowledge in the area of video mastering and editing to work

hand in hand with his creativity.  In addition to the VHS recordings we required, Doug also provided us with an

equally high quality DVD.

We are also impressed with his willingness and openness to be Spirit-led.  As members of Faith Life Church

in Branson, we know the vital importance of being Spirit led.  Thus, we will also be working with him in producing

our videos and DVD's as well as upcoming Gospel television productions for our ministry, Aloha Ministries.

We are confident that you will receive the same high level of professionalism, commitment and openness in Spirit

that we received.  It is our great pleasure to recommend Doug and DVSS4U.com Productions. If you have any

questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


David Lomond